Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting Ticketed

I have only been pulled over once in my life. I was driving a car leaving a Jimmy Buffett concert in high school and had forgotten to turn on my headlights. The police officer let me go after talking to me for about five seconds. I think she was so shocked that I wasn't drunk that she forgot to even ask for my license. I've been in cars pulled over three other times -- none resulting in tickets. Two speeders (one flagrant) and both times the police let my friends off with warnings. I was in one other car that was pulled over. I'd been lying in the back of a truck that was spinning in circles in a local parking lot, and the police happened to pull up. I thought that my streak of never getting fined by police was going to come to an end, but it turned out that the cop had played football with the driver in high school, so he let us all go. Every once in a while small town life can help you out.

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