Friday, April 29, 2011

Gym Mix-up

My gym is under construction, so the management has shuffled us off to another one of their gym properties. It's nearby and instead of a moldy stream room and showers with mercurial temperatures, we have eucalyptus-scented towels and granite showers. Yesterday was my second time there, and I was going out for a drink with a colleague after our workout. In the old gym we had an option to use a deodorant spray that sat on a countertop, and I saw the same one at this  new gym. In the midst of using it I looked at the bottle next to the deodorant and read the label that said "hair gel" and thought, "That's nice, if a bit weird." Then I read the label on the bottle I was using, "extra-strength hold hairspray." Damn. I walked to the next dispenser on the wall, which mind you looked exactly the same, and made sure it said "antiperspirant deodorant" before using it.

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