Saturday, April 30, 2011

Relationship Don'ts and Do-Not-Evers

I know a woman who's gone on a couple dates with a guy. He was the one who initiated the whole thing and they hung out and had a good time. Then one afternoon she texted him and he didn't respond. She let it slide a day or so, and then made the decision that since he was the one who was after her, it was time for her to kick it up a notch. Since then she's called or texted him every hour on the hour. Man, woman, adult, teenager, it doesn't matter -- this is an unwise decision. If you're on the other end and getting these calls, there's no quicker way to justify completely ignoring someone than being on the receiving end of insane behavior. It's a shame that as humans we can't recognize our own insane behavior. It seems like the ability to recognize one's own insanity would be a primal instinct, derived from natural selection, but no, we're still powerless to our own bad choices.

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