Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mad Dog Dessert Wine

I attended a climbing partner's birthday party, and he shared several bottles of wine. They were all from New Zealand, and he'd found them on a recent trip. I only know a couple kinds of wine: red, white, rose, and boxed. He only had the first two on my list, and they all tasted really great. Just before leaving, he offered us a taste of something called a "late harvest Riesling dessert wine." We toasted his advanced age, had a sip, and then another climbing partner in attendance said to me, "Tastes like Mad Dog." MD 20/20, known more commonly by it's street name "Mad Dog" is a sugary wine-styled cough-syrup-tasting beverage sold at very reasonable prices. Liquor store clerks usually throw it in a paper "tasting" bag without your even asking. My friend who was celebrating his birthday overheard us, "What? You think it tastes like mango?" Pause. "Yeah, yeah, mango, hints of mango." It really did, too. This wine tasting thing's not so hard.

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