Monday, April 25, 2011


I was reading an article that ranked soda in terms of most calories per serving, and at the top of the list was a product I'm familiar with but was surprised to see noted in a national magazine. Listed in slot #1 with a fat asterisk next to it was Sundrop, and the asterisk at the end of list noted that it was only sold in some parts of Wisconsin. This soda is fantastic. It's a sweet, citrusy soda that tastes kind of like Mountain Dew. You get the original Sundrop in glass bottles and it looks like it has pulp in it, but it's not pulp, it's clouds of sugar or corn syrup. The soda is so sweet that it flirts with saturation of dissolved sugar so you can actually see the good stuff floating around. I hadn't thought of the soda in a while, but then when biking to work I saw it advertised on the back of a truck -- it will soon be taking my new home by storm. I hope that it becomes a trendy drink to order in bars on par with Red Bull and Vodka. It's the Wisconsin-made elixir that's legal for kids, it's like Pabst Blue Ribbon for minors.


  1. It actually contains real juice. That's what the floaties are. Quite unique for a soda.

    1. Less than 1% juice actually so not sure if it makes a difference

  2. really? in the bottle? i'm pretty sure it's chemically derived corn product and solid sucrose. these are the bottles only sold in kenosha, wi we're talking about here. not those fancy plastic bottles.

  3. It's true. You can take a tour of the bottling plant in Shawano, in the glass bottles they use real orange juice (hence the pulp) and cane sugar. Good stuff!