Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Car Vandals

Someone broke into my friend's car and she didn't realize it had happened for a few days. Not because she didn't see her car for those few days, but because her car is so filthy that she had no idea someone broke in and rummaged through all of her stuff looking for valuable items. She finally figured it out because she was looking for a napkin in her glove box and there wasn't anything in it at all. The upside of the break-in was that she finally cleaned her car, plus it looks like the thieves didn't get anything valuable, besides the napkins she keeps in her glove box, I guess. When she told me about the incident she said, "I had my waders in the backseat and they even left those, I was pretty lucky." Plus, since she didn't notice the break-in until long after it happened, she even avoided the creepy feeling of knowing someone was rifling through all her stuff. I'm almost surprised the thief didn't leave her a nasty note telling her to clean up her car.

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