Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Helmet Fashion

I'm pretty much over bike helmets not looking cool. I don't bother taking it off when I stop at the store in the morning for breakfast. It just doesn't bother me. A while ago my girlfriend was going to go to a bachelorette party at a club late at night, and instead of taking a cab she said she'd ride her bike. I was proud of her. I got her a helmet the same time she got her bike. It's big and white because I have a theory that white helmets are the most visible to motorists. This one is very visible as it looks like a huge golf ball floating down the side of the road. Her helmet is too big to fit into her purse, so she ties it to the purse's shoulder strap and carries it around. She said that when she went to the club with her bike locked outside and helmet on her purse, some acquaintances asked if she had to wear the helmet for insurance purposes. Not for cycling, which wouldn't be a bad idea for health insurance discounts, but because they thought she had to wear the helmet when she went out in case she passed out and hit her head.

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