Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flat Tires

I made plans to go out riding with a friend of a friend once and he called just before we were supposed to meet up. "I can't make it man, sorry." I shrugged it off and decided to go for a spin in town anyway, then asked why he couldn't make it. "I got up today and my bike had a flat tire. I called the shop and they're booked until tomorrow." What's etiquette in a situation like this? I'd never had a cycling friend before who couldn't change his own tire. Should I have offered to do it for him? I was too stunned to say anything on the spot, so I merely said something like "better luck next time" and then got off the phone. I wonder if friends who are really into cars have similar reactions when I tell them I can't drive anywhere because my horn is stuck down.

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