Saturday, July 30, 2011

Biker Gang

Twice I've had fellow cyclist commuters pick up and run with my cause. Once I kicked a car's door as it pulled into the bike lane. I should have shouted at the driver instead of kicking the car, and I immediately regretted putting my shoe into the side of his vehicle. The driver sped up to get alongside me and began shouting, and before I could yell back, there was another biker, some guy I'd never seen before, screaming into the car's open window that he needs to look the hell where he's going. I appreciated it though no one's behavior in this case did much to further motorist-cyclist relations. Then another time a guy I was riding next to saw a car cut me off on a one-lane road, so he sped past the car and then slowed to a crawl, ignoring the motorist's honks to get out of the way. In the long run none of these behaviors are good for anyone, but I love the camaraderie. The picking on drivers may not be a very nice manifestation of it, but hey, it's nice to be in the club. You never hear about car drivers getting together to tease cyclists.

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