Sunday, August 28, 2011

Riotous Atmosphere

There's a fantastic bar across the street from my house. It was converted from an alley, in fact, I'm pretty sure they just put a ceiling over the alley and moved in a few buckets for beer. The bathrooms look like a fresh crime scene on a normal night. And the general ambiance of the rest of the place would seem to indicate that whatever crime occurred in the bathroom spilled out into the rest of the bar and then everyone there was punched in the face at least twice. So I used to stop in for a bottle of beer every few weeks. The tap beer was terrible, and I figured that if a fight broke out in the bathroom I could use the bottle as a weapon before taking my own two punches in the face. I stopped going about six months ago when after waiting for the excitement, nothing of consequence ever happened. It was too depressing to just drink beer in a place that looked like it had been the site of several riots. Like I'd showed up a lifetime too late.

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