Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's in our Hearts and Minds

A woman yelled at me the other day. She was crossing the street with a 'walk' sign, and she was in the crosswalk. I scared her when I rolled up on my bike, as I was looking to blow through my red light and either go ahead or behind her. But I could tell she was spooked so I slammed on my brakes and stopped well before the crosswalk. She yelled, "You have a red light." I said, "I know. Sorry. I stopped." And she replied, "But you weren't going to" and then crossed the street. And she's right. No argument from me, but I wonder, could I get in some kind of legal trouble for planning to run a red light but deciding to stop at the last moment? Do they give out fines for conspiracy to run a red light?

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