Saturday, September 3, 2011

Leftover Stamps

The stamp vending machine at the post office has a minimum purchase order of $1. I only ever need one stamp, but I have to buy three to reach the minimum credit card threshold. So this time I bought the required three stamps and sent my one letter, then I walked back to work with the other two stamps in my pocket. I've gone through these motions several times, but then when the time comes to send a letter, I can never find the two stamps I bought but didn't use the last time. So on my walk back I tried hard to remember the first place I looked when I was trying to find the two errant stamps, and I'm pretty sure it was in my second desk drawer underneath an unused box of paper clips. So that's where I stashed my two leftover stamps this time. Now the next time I need a stamp, all I have to do is find this email to tell me where I put them.

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