Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain Chant

A few years back a modern jet crashed into the middle of the ocean. Authorities have no idea what happened, but based on the recovered black box they know that it when it crashed it dove nose-first into the sea. I think about this occasionally when I'm on board a modern aircraft and look out the window and can only see ocean. My old boss Bob was on a plane on his way back from the Pacific Northwest once. He was reading a book as people will on flights, but he was doing something else people don't often do on flights -- uttering chants under his breath. His plane began bouncing around, experiencing massive turbulence on an otherwise clear day. Bob was reading a book he'd picked up on incantations that cultures around the world use to cause rain. Though I personally don't believe in rain-causing chants, I also would advise doing them when you're on a plane.

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