Friday, October 28, 2011

The Fright, The History

This weekend I suggested to some friends that we go on a haunted walking tour in the city. A guide walks you through a neighborhood for a mile or so and shares some of the city's history and some stories surrounding supposedly haunted buildings. I was stonewalled on the plan over email, and then when we met up as planned, they presented me with their alternative plan: we have a few drinks then go watch Paranormal 3. While I agree that the movie might deliver on the fright, it was more the walking, history, and being outside aspects of the tour that I was looking forward to. I tried explaining my logic, but my friend said that the first two in the Paranormal series were very scary. At that point I agreed, knowing that if we had drinks long enough, they wouldn't want to go to the movie anymore. So we sat on a patio, and at least I got to be outside.

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