Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kids These Days

I was traveling aboard a ship for about a week and talked to the captain several times. He had a distinct voice and would regularly make announcements over the ship's public address system to tell us we would be disembarking shortly or we would be passing some important landmark. He said that a few weeks before some kids had been on the ship. They'd observed him operate the PA to make announcements several times. Then one night, while lying in bed, he heard his own voice over the PA telling everyone that they should get their life jackets on and meet in the hallway for a disembarkation. The kids had taken a recording of his voice, and they went to the PA and played it about 11pm. People spilled into the hallway confused and looking for answers. When I hear people talking about how technology is ruining the lives of kids today, I think of this story and feel hope.

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