Monday, October 17, 2011

Stock Sales

My phone number at work was the line for our public relations person ages ago, so the number was sent out in a lot of communications and posted on a lot of old websites. About once a month now I'll get a phone call that will begin like this right after I pick up: "Got a lot uh stocks loaded and ready to go, tell me about your portfolio and let's get investin'." It sounds stupid, but the first one was very unnerving. I almost said something like, "What's a portfolio? Can I give you my credit card number to buy one right now?" Thankfully cooler heads prevailed and I hung up on the guy a few moments after answering. Now I look forward to these rare calls. I love to say things like, "Oh! Some other guy called five minutes ago and I bought a billion stocks, sorry, you're just minutes late."

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