Friday, November 4, 2011

Lost Goods

I shared a long elevator ride with two women, one of whom was relating to the other that she'd lost her Uggs. The other woman proceeded to list the last three times the girl had worn the Uggs, the last one being when they'd gone to a spa together. She told the woman that she'd worn her heels home from the spa (baffling, I know) and that she'd probably left her Uggs at the spa. Looking at the woman with the lost shoes, I could see the realization come over her. What this woman failed to see was that she has a friend who can recall the shoes that she wears every day with perfect clarity. And I think that realizing one of her friends could do this would lead to all kinds of other interesting introspective questions, even for a woman who forgets her shoes places. Not that I should cast aspersions on someone who loses their shoes. I lost one of my Roos. Back in 2nd grade. (It was Velcro.)

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