Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Missing Jackets

My old gear shop did a brisk business offering customers store credit for old gear they no longer used and then selling them gear they actually needed. By far, our greatest used gear volume was in jackets. People would trade in down jackets that still had 15 years of life in them to buy something more fashionable. Customers would always take their jackets off and throw them over the rack while they tried on other used jackets, and in my zealous cleaning fits I would often pick up customers' jackets and hang them on racks around the store. Then they'd notice they were missing the jacket they'd worn in and figure out that I'd put it away thinking it was ours. Then we'd spend the next 45 minutes trying to find it among piles and piles of used coats. I'm convinced many of them left with similar looking jackets once they grew tired of the search.

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