Sunday, January 22, 2012

Alarm Clocks

I've been reading the work a sleep doctor. This is a guy who suggests ways to improve your sleep, help you fall asleep, and in general get the most out of your hours at rest. He is a strong advocate of not using an alarm clock. According to his research the most important aspect of getting good sleep is allowing your body to wake naturally and not be beholden to a buzzing clock on your nightstand. More than a couple times, my alarm clock has failed. On these occasions I have seldom woken up at the hour I needed to be awake to get to work, get to the airport, or meet friends to go skiing. I believe everything this doctor says about alarm clocks, and yet I have to wonder if he's so out of touch that he doesn't understand that alarm clocks are the only reason half of the people on this planet get out of bed on time.

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