Monday, January 23, 2012

Scuba Class

I learned to scuba dive at the youngest possible age -- 12 years old. It seems they think that 12 year olds are capable of dealing with the dangers and risks of scuba diving. Most of our time was spent in a swimming pool that was only 15 feet deep, so there was very little danger there. Since I grew up in Wisconsin we had to do our open water dives in an abandoned rock quarry that had filled in with rainwater. Our class of 10 people was a bunch of guys in their 30s then me and one elderly woman. I was, of course, paired up with the elderly woman as my dive partner. During the course of our open water dive I managed to lose my partner and both of my flippers. I'm not sure if they still offer scuba diving lessons that young, but they may want to reconsider it. As of yet, I have never gone scuba diving again since that one experience.

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