Friday, January 6, 2012

The Witness

I was out Christmas shopping just before the holidays when I was about 16 years old wheeling around in my parents' car. While trying to change lanes in the heavy "mall traffic" I looked over my shoulder to check my blind spot and turned around to a stopped car right in front of me. I changed lanes, but in doing so the corner of my bumper nicked the corner of their Saturn. I pulled up next to them and we agreed to meet in a nearby parking lot. There appeared to be no external damage. While we were walking around the cars another vehicle pulled over and a woman popped out. She marched to the Saturn owner and handed her a business card and said, "I saw everything. If you need anyone in court, give me a call." This, to be sure, is a generous move. Most people would just skate on by not worrying about someone else's fender-bender. But on her way out the woman turned to glare at me as if I'd just run over the Saturn owner's kid. Lady, listen, it was an accident. Thanks for your warm offer of help, but let's try to keep things in perspective.

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