Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bike Drive-thru

Driving home after a bike race is a dangerous proposition. You're exhausted from racing all day, and more often than not sitting up around a campfire drinking beer the night before (I never took racing too seriously). Then you put your bikes on the roof and hop on the road to drive home. No one ever wanted to take a break to stop and eat, so we'd hit some fast food drive-thru on the way back. We lucked out if someone else driving back from the race happened to be in the drive-thru line in front of us, because I'd wonder aloud, "Why are they pulling off to the side of the parking lot instead of up to the window, and without fail I'd be inches from passing them when I'd remember the bikes on top of my car that were worth much more than my car. In terms of finances, I'd be better off driving my car into the side of the building than I would going through the drive-thru lane and ripping them off the top of my car.

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