Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bike Storage Wars

A few people were stuck in the elevator at work the other day, and we called the fire department. It's a lot more exciting to watch the fire department try to get people out of stuck elevators than to watch elevator repairmen try to get them. The fire department has no problem knocking a hole in the wall if they have to, but you'll seldom see such bold repairmen. As soon as I heard we called the fire department, I stood up to fetch my bike out of the stairway, where I store it during the day despite the fire hazard. We're on the top floor and I figure no one will climb onto the roof during a fire, so there's really not any danger. One of my colleagues doesn't like to see bikes propped around the office, and she walked past when I had it resting against my cubicle wall. Not 15 feet away firemen are pounding metal wedges into the elevator door, and she asks me, "What are all these bikes doing here?"

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