Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Checking Voicemail

I try to train people not to leave voicemail on my phone at work. It's 2012, and you all have my email address and cell phone number--let's find a better way to do this. I set up my voicemail on my very first day of work and have no idea what it even says. Probably something about how I'm delighted to get voicemail. I may have to look into that. When I get voicemails from people, instead of calling them back I just send an email. After that happens a few times, they often figure out that the fastest way to reach me is over email. If it weren't for the huge flashing red light on my phone, I'd never return a voicemail. If anyone ever tries to replace my phone I'll have to refuse, with the hope that one day that flashing red light will burn out.

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