Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Phantom Phone Calls

You know how you're walking along and you feel your phone buzz in your pocket, and then you check it and you didn't get a call or a text? I get these phantom phone calls all the time. I read a story on it that said it happens to everyone. The feeling of buzzing in your leg is a learned response, and our bodies learn these things very quickly. It's your body betraying you, telling you something is happening when it's not. But now I have all these other apps on my phone that send push notifications. They buzz, but they don't pop up any message on my screen. So I'll think I had a phantom phone call and wonder why my body's betraying me, and then when I look at my phone I'll see that I got an email I hadn't noticed before. I'm not sure what this learned response will do my body. Probably send me into a fit where I end up smashing my phone into the sidewalk.

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