Friday, March 23, 2012

Baseball Nut

I met a guy who could tell you any baseball statistic within reason. He might not know what happened on the second pitch of the first game of the world series in 1992, but he could tell you who played in the game, all the players batting averages, the score by inning, and anything marginally important about the game. I found myself thinking, "What kind of a human being memorizes so much useless information." The past couple months I've been shopping for a new bike. My tech knowledge had dropped off quite a bit in the past few years that I spent ignoring the mountain bike world. But now I could tell you the hierarchy and details of all SRAM and Shimano components, Fox and Rock Shox suspension, plus most braking systems, and prominent frame builders. And I could go back to the 90s in naming all their evolutions. It's a pretty sick person who can do that. I should have gone easier on the baseball nut.

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