Saturday, March 24, 2012

Super Carbo

My girlfriend drinks insane volumes of sparking water. I don't like the stuff myself. Not for its taste, and also because of the tremendous waste of the Earth's resources it takes to create bottles, fill them, truck them all over the nation, and then store them in refrigerated coolers. So I thought I'd be extra self-righteous and do the Earth a favor by buying a home soda water maker. It's great. I still don't drink the stuff, but you can use it to carbonate anything. You have a stale bottle of ginger ale and half a bottle of Jameson? It makes a perfect cocktail in the soda maker. I make the stuff extra bubbly so that it explodes like a volcano in a science fair whenever I open it. Or I used to. We ran out of carbon-dioxide canisters for the soda maker about a year ago, and since then the thing has just been laying their next to an unused juicer. The best laid plans.

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