Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ireland Golf

I'm not a golfer, but on occasion I've played golf. Once was on a trip to Ireland where I promised a friend we'd play between afternoons of drinking beer if he came along. We found a course that was a bit out of our league but they let us rent clubs and wander around anyway. The woman had been surprised that we would start a round of golf so late, but we told her we'd just play nine holes. "People don't really do that here," she told us. In any case she sent us out on the course, but our rental clubs didn't come with balls, so we had to buy some. They were about $15 for a five-pack, so I bought one five-pack. By the third hole I was down to two balls. I'm not a skilled mathematician either, but even I could see where this was going. I played a conservative game from then on. Sometimes I'd skip the tee box and just putt. Other times I'd throw and kick the golf ball instead of hitting it with my club. My game still ended on hole 8 when I ran out of golf balls, but I enjoyed being outside with my friends. And I'm pretty sure that's the point of golf.

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