Friday, May 18, 2012

The Spitter

On my bike ride home today I passed a guy walking in the bike lane. I was riding very slowly as the result of a cracked hub, just trying to get home so I'd be able to fix my wheel. While passing this gentleman, he turned and spit. It flew past my body with inches to spare, but he missed me. I turned my head around to look at him expecting an, "I'm so sorry!" but he just stood there scowling at me. It got me wondering, what would I have done if he'd spit right on me? I don't think an apology would have been forthcoming even in that case. And I have no desire to turn getting spit on into getting beaten up. There's very little recourse in this situation, and it would seem the high road would be to just pedal home with a bruised ego and spit on my clothes. I suppose if my bike was in working condition, I'd be able to spit on him and then ride away as fast as I could. Sad to say, that's probably what would have happened.

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