Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dead Cell Phones

Last Saturday night I went for a swim. I stood up out of my deck chair. Took off my shoes and shirt, then carefully placed my cell phone on the table. After a dunk in the pool I rinsed off in an outside shower then went inside for a towel, ended up talking for a bit then going to sleep, and I woke up the next morning to a torrential downpour. I first realized something was amiss when I noticed I'd forgotten to plug my phone in. Then I found my shoes on the deck with about an inch of standing water each. The phone still works, or at least the LED flash won't turn off though nothing else will turn on. A friend also staying with us left the top down on his Jeep. (The storm took us all by surprise.) But he said he was sure everything in his Jeep would still run, even his radio since he'd installed a boat radio, which is really a sign of tremendous foresight. Too bad I bought a cell phone instead of a boat phone, I might still be able to make calls and text people. 

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