Friday, July 6, 2012

Mountain Bike Funk

When I want to go mountain biking I can either drive to the trails or take a train. As I do not own a car, the choice is rather easy. My ride out is fine. But on my ride back, I'm drenched in sweat and feel a deep measure of pity for anyone who has to sit within smelling range of me. I bring a fresh T-shirt for the return train ride, but it's about as effective as spraying a wet dog with a shot of perfume. Today, after riding in a 100F day, drinking 100oz of water, and not needing to use the restroom once, I rode the train back acutely aware of the effect my presence must have had on people. I was fortunate enough to land in a car with a group of four girls singing on the train. They only started singing after the conductor came by and told them to turn off their radio. I felt there was an equal measure of suffering on both our parts, and I did not feel at all bad sitting next to them. 

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