Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Setting Up the Broken Goods

I lost my phone and had to use an old iPhone that was broken in several ways. Getting that phone setup took ages, mostly because I'd forgotten that the one button on it didn't work, so I kept thinking that something was wrong with the way I'd set it up. It took several hours for me to remember why I'd stopped using the old phone in the first place. Besides the one button being broken, the screen was also smashed into so many pieces that it was tough to read. The process of trying to get the phone setup was so intensive and took so long, that when I'd stop looking at the smashed phone screen and looked at a normal screen, I saw cracks everywhere. It's one of those rare situation where you can step back and watch yourself going insane. I should put a post-it note on that phone so I don't do the same thing next time.

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