Friday, October 12, 2012

Stuck Cars

I was at a friend's cabin way up in the northwoods of Wisconsin. You park your vehicle off to the side of a county highway and hike in to the cabin. In the interest of staying out the way of other cars, you get as far off to the side of the road and into the snow as possible without sending your car deep into the ditch. Your car always gets stuck, it's part of the process. You bring shovels and rely on each other to pull yourselves out, but knowing that your car is stuck in the snow a mile away is always hanging over your head...a lingering doubt on the end of the weekend you can never quite forget about. Mine was stuck bad. So bad we had to dig out all the snow around it, and then everyone got on the wheel wells and we lifted it up and moved it onto the road. Then the next time you go, you know that your friends are capable of lifting your car and carrying it, and you worry a little bit less. Also, you begin moving peoples' cars around as pranks when you're not camping.

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