Monday, November 5, 2012

A Tale of Two Cities

Half of the city is dark. When I'm uptown there are traffic lights, streetlights, and restaurants buzz with activity, and when I get downtown the only ambient light comes from flashlights bobbing along the sidewalks, cars driving past, and police cars that leave on their flashing lights. Crossing the street where power's been lost is an abrupt turn, a real plunge into the middle ages. I've come to realize that going downtown is as close to the zombie apocalypse as I'll ever get. Not because it's dark, but because there's no power to charge cell phones, so everyone walks around with a single-minded purpose: find power, charge phone. You wander with your phone out and a power cord in hand, hungry for power. I can tell you, Starbucks will be a very popular place when the zombies rise.

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