Friday, January 11, 2013

The Return of Star Wars

I've heard rumors that there will be more Star Wars movies. I grew up watching the original trilogy, and I was more excited than anyone when the prequels came out. I mean, not wait-in-line-overnight-dressed-as-Jabba excited, but I did see Episode I the first night it opened. If it hadn't been a Star Wars movie, it would have been the worst movie I'd ever seen in a theater. When I used to watch the originals as a kid, they were all recorded from TV. What I didn't know was that those movies had also been compressed to fit within the allotted TV time. So the first time I watched the actual films, it was as if they'd all gotten much better and longer and didn't even have commercials. There's no way that any new Star Wars movie could ever live up to that experience. All new Star Wars are ruined for me, though I'll still have to go see them all in the theater.

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