Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Awkward Goodbye

My gym is part of a giant national chain. Wherever their corporate headquarters is, I know they once held a meeting and decided that front-desk employees in every gym would say goodbye in a cheerful manner to everyone exiting the gym. The people who made that decision have never seen my club. The exit is a 9-floor elevator ride down from the locker rooms, and the elevator opens right next to the club exit. So if you're leaving straight from the locker room, you walk out of the elevator and directly to the exit, and in that split second someone who works at the desk 30 feet away shouts "GOODBYE!" as you walk out. How does one handle this without being rude? I know they're not really saying goodbye to me, but fulfilling part of their job description. Most days I'll give an over-the-shoulder wave on my way out. One time I looked when I waved, but no one who shouted to me was actually looking at me. I'm pretty sure they only listen for the sound of the elevator doors opening.

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