Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Theme Cruise

I love nature. I love being outside. It's revitalizing. And research has shown that being in nature on a regular basis is good for people. It improves focus and well being. I've never understood people who hate being outside. I dislike bugs, snakes, and spiders, but I can still get great enjoyment from nature. It wasn't until I found out about theme cruises that I could begin to understand why people don't like to go outside. On these theme cruises, people pay great sums of money to join several thousand like-minded travelers on huge ships that ply the ocean. There are all kinds of cruises for all kinds of people: NASCAR fans, Apple fans, Kid Rock lovers, the list goes on. I found myself trying to understand how any human being could voluntarily embark one of these ships, and I couldn't, which really helped me understand that there are some people in the world who I'll never understand. And it goes both ways.

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