Friday, March 1, 2013

Honest Mix-ups

At my gym everyone brings their own lock for their locker, and on a couple of occasions I've loaned my lock to a female coworker. My lock is very large and burly looking, and she said it stands out in the women's locker room. But everyone in the men's locker room has the same lock that I do. I was pondering this disparity while I was in the shower at the gym today, and I realized that I hadn't seen any locks like mine in the men's locker room on my way to the shower. Then I realized that I also hadn't seen any men, the place had been empty. And I began to wonder what the showers look like in the women's locker room, and if in fact I was inside one of them at that very moment. It turns out I wasn't, but the long-haired guy I saw when I got out of the shower gave me quite a scare.

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