Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bike Share

The same day my city announced their bike share program, I signed up for the annual membership. The first 3,000 people received a special founder's key, and my key number was somewhere around 2,000. Right after getting my membership confirmation email, I went to their site to register and found out that someone among those 2,000 of my neighbors had already taken my user name, which is just my first and last name combined. As I have a rather uncommon first name, Rocky, I was a bit surprised. But then when I considered it, I decided that if one grows up with the name Rocky, they're going to gravitate to sports like rock climbing and cycling, over say, boxing. Now I just want to find this guy and befriend him to make sure he won't ever perpetrate some heist or robbery and set me up as the patsy.

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