Sunday, June 2, 2013

Future Doors

My new dentist office has these doors where you wave your hand in front of the doorknob and the door automatically opens. I think they did it that way to cut down on germ transfer from doorknobs. The room where they do the teeth cleaning is so small that it doesn't have a sink, so I guess they needed the futuristic doorknobs since the doc wouldn't be able to wash their hands after coming in. The whole office is tiny, but they make remarkable use of space. The room I was in was just off the reception area, and I sat so close that I could feel the receptionist's desk drawers opening and closing. Then, once when I moved my foot too close to the doorknob, the door slide open and I was sitting right next to someone paying their bill to the receptionist. Before it could get too awkward I closed the door with my foot again. It's a great thing, technology.

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