Monday, June 10, 2013

Insurance Plans

The first time I bought insurance was the same day the building across the street from my apartment burned down. I started my insurance research when someone stopped by my desk to tell me about the fire and say, "Isn't that near your house?" I'd assumed that if my building caught on fire next, I'd be okay as long as I got the coverage a few minutes in advance. Turns out I was right. It only took a minute to file the paperwork and pay, and they said I was covered immediately. My building never caught on fire, and I still have the insurance, so I guess they won that round. But I was thinking about canceling it and instead installing webcams and smoke detectors at my home that link back to my phone. That way if someone broke in or the place caught on fire, I could just jump on the nearest computer and buy top of the line insurance.

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