Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sleepy Time

Sleep is forgetful. You never remember the exact time you fell asleep. There are always a few moments of la-la land, where you occasionally catch yourself and wake up but never remember all those times you didn't and you fell asleep. Sometimes when I lay awake all night and think that I only got a few hours of sleep, I'll find myself wondering if perhaps I was asleep much more. That maybe between my memories of laying awake and checking the clock at 2:00, 2:30, 3:30, and 4:00, I kept falling asleep but not remembering it. Then when I wake up at 8:00 after a few hours and feel very tired, I consider that I could have slept way more than I think I slept, and that I'm not that tired, and I'm just making myself feel tired by thinking that I slept so little. That train of thought usually keeps me awake until at least noon.

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  1. There's a super cool app for the iPhone (maybe Android too?) that is called Sleep Time by Azumio. It tracks your sleep patterns throughout the night and tells you the amount of light versus deep sleep, as well as when you're awake. It is super cool, and they have a free version. The alarm wakes you up during your lightest sleep (within a 20 or 30 minute window that you set). That way, you wake up more rested--and it truly works (and that's coming from a scientist who was pretty skeptical).