Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Cleaner

I've paid people to clean my apartment three times. Whenever we have family coming to stay with us, we'll find a Groupon or deal-site equivalent that offers a cheap price on home cleaning, and we'll book it. It seems such an extravagance to me that I have a hard time justifying it. But the other day we did it again, and the cleaner did a fantastic job. Before she came and cleaned I thought our refrigerator was off-white. But what most impressed me about the process was that she got rid of the pair of underwear under our couch. A friend had stayed here for a long weekend once and left them there, and my wife and I never wanted to touch them. Not only did the cleaner remove them, but she threw them away without asking why there was a strange pair of underwear under our couch. I appreciate that level of discretion and decision-making.

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