Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Free Lobby Stuff

Sometimes when people move out they'll leave a pile of their books or clothes in the lobby of our apartment in case anyone wants it. I've never taken anything, but today there was a pile of records. My first concern was that they'd have bedbugs, but then when I saw the Huey Lewis & The News album, I decided to risk it. I flipped through the rest of them and chose about five more: some Rolling Stones, a bit of Rod Stewart, I even took a UB40 album. As I was trying to carry my bike, the records, and my mail away, a guy walked into the lobby and looked at the pile and said, "Oh! Records." Then he said, "I guess you got all the good ones?" I considered it. I did take all the good ones, or at least what I consider to be all the good ones, but my music tastes might be very different from this man. So I said, "Well, I guess. At least I took Huey Lewis & The News." He didn't even bother checking the pile of remaining albums.

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