Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baby Bet

The best part about (my friends) having kids is that we get to bet on the arrival time of the baby. Betting money isn't all that much fun, so this time around we've elected to bet bottles of wine. Whoever wins our contest has the option of having everyone kick in $12 each to buy you an expensive bottle of wine, or you can have them all buy $12 bottles of wine and enjoy the piles of booze. If I win, I'm going to suggest that people can instead go to the cheap wine store and get me four $3 bottles of wine. Then when they bring it over instead of opening a bottle with them, I imagine myself saying something like, "I'd offer you a glass but I'm saving this for friends since I don't like wine." Also, if I don't win this bet I'm not planning on buying a bottle of wine or contributing money, so this is really a win-win situation for me.

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