Friday, July 26, 2013

Wine Tour

I went on a wine tour to several vineyards that was a lot of fun, in spite of the fact that I seldom drink wine or even enjoy it all that much when I do. I enjoyed it for the novelty, and the fact that it started at 9:30am and no one acted like it was at all weird that we were hanging out drinking wine so early in the morning. The people who run these tours have perfected their sales pitches. They grease you with a few glasses of wine on an empty stomach and then wave sign-up forms in front of your face trying to get you to join their wine of the month club. During out tour there was a height of purchasing among the wine tourists, but after about the fourth winery I don't think anyone even listened to the person selling us wine. It would have been impossible for them to be heard over an entire bus of red-faced people talking way too loudly to each other.

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