Thursday, October 24, 2013

VHS Conversion

I'm having 12 home VHS videos converted to DVD. You'd think that in the age of digitization and automation you could mail them off to some overseas robot farm to get converted for $2 apiece, but it took a bit of Internet sleuthing and phone calls to get it sorted out. Anyway, they're in the hands of a reputable place that will hand over image-corrected DVDs in a matter of days. The problem is that once I have them back, I will have to watch them. One DVD, fine. But 12?  I look at how many photos and how much video I shoot now that it's a technology always accessible with my phone, but at least I can self-edit that stuff. This old footage is the raw deal. There's not enough beer in the world to wade through all those holiday films over the years.

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