Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fish Oil Smell

I take fish oil pills. They're reported to offer some health benefits, and even if they do nothing physically, they make me feel like I'm taking positive steps towards better health. That has to count for something. But, I'm considering giving them up after a recent episode. I did a load of laundry while I had a head cold, and my wife had stuffed a few of the pills in a purse pocket that I washed. I didn't smell it until I'd washed and dried all our clothes. Now half my wardrobe of T-shirts smells like I just returned from the day shift at a fish processing plant. I give my shirts the smell test before putting them on, but my gym shirt slipped through and it wasn't until the treadmill hit 8 mph that I started choking back vomit from the dead fish smell. I powered through my workout, enjoying a 10-foot radius of personal space that moved with me through the gym.

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