Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Publishing A Correction

I interned for a rural newspaper for a few months after college, and during my tenure there we had to print one correction. We ran it in the paper that was dropped on doorsteps on Wednesday morning, and I was sitting at my desk in the afternoon when the offended party who had demanded the correction called. My boss, sitting one foot away, picked up the phone, "Yeah, it's in there. We printed it today." After a long pause, "You know, we've had several studies done and found that the classifieds are actually the most widely read section of the newspaper." I found one of the day's papers and turned to the last page where our correction was buried after 50 used car ads, in the exact same format and font as the ads. I was impressed with my boss's spirit, though it was disappointing to find out that sad "rooms for rent" section got more eyeballs than our front page.

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