Sunday, December 1, 2013

In-Flight Electronics

Tomorrow will be my first flight since they've relaxed the in-flight electronics rules. From what I understand, some airlines will let you leave your iPod or phone on from take off to landing, provided you put it into airplane mode. I've read online that the FAA is considering easing the restrictions even further and allowing people to use their telephones to make calls while in flight. I'd rather sit next to a sick person holding a crying baby who's also smoking cigarettes than I would sit next to a person who spends an entire flight talking on the phone. I beg the FAA not to allow people to make calls while flying. You might argue that people would only use their phones to text or surf the web and that common sense and courtesy would reign, but to those people, let me tell you this: yesterday I sat on a packed train next to a woman who cut her fingernails and then tested new ringtones. Please, FAA, I'm worried that rolling back the phone-use ban will lead to in-flight fighting.

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